Sunday, October 06, 2013

Why'd Anil Kapoor HAVE to make a joke of 24?

The Hindi version of 24 has been a FAIL. Cue more indian editions of the same, in Tamil maybe?

A friend posted on Facebook that it finally proves Anil Kapoor can't act, that "Hindi 24 is a sad excuse for... well, everything the producers would want it to be" and wanted to check if i was still crying. Be that as it may, it happened to draw an outburst out of me because I was waiting for the show and hoping it acquits itself well. Provided FB doesn't C+D me for copy-pasting my post here, my thoughts are reproduced below.

Well that, or see my day-old tweet - "Congrats #24india , you have achieved the impossible - made even the first season UNexciting and boring."

Sorry, but i find it hard to believe those who say it may get better. Episode 1 (4th Oct 2013) had GOT to be powerful and showcase the best. The "Coming Up" feature of Colors, and the pre-Season trailer has all but revealed the complete plot - it's just the American Season 6 with an overlay of the American Season 1. From this point on, even if it tries to fool us with a "Singhania PM" it's just laboured drudgery in saas-bahu style, 23 more episodes foisted upon the hopeful.

See, i am not a typical pro-US indian, i did find 24 Season 7 & 8 was only cashing out on reputation. But the darned Hindi trailer has even revealed who the mole in ATU is, and that there is one in the first place. We're sadly sandwiched in Sun TV style, where you get to pick a power-packed punch of a trailer... OR... the suspense and thrill of a... GASP... thriller show/movie, but not enough content for BOTH.

I'm still reeling from the last time that happened - After Earth and Man of Steel. Its trailer was awesome, particularly to a fan of Will Smith who's taken the difficult route to fame. But the movie began, started building-up and i was waiting for the plot to reach the mid-point and take-off... but the movie laboured on and, SUDDENLY it was OVER.
(producer/director had enough and decided to wrap it up for release? a part2 is coming?) a particular guy would have called it a klpd.

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  1. Is the KLPD guy you're referring to an ex-colleague of yours (not referring to myself)?

    -- A Marathi guy you know


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