Thursday, March 22, 2012

"So Be It"

So Be It - I saw this inscribed on the back of a bike today morning, while commuting to work. That is the meaning as it were, of the Sanskrit word "Tathaastu".

According to mythology, that was how the Gods granted boons to seekers. Including prayers that were mis-phrased or mis-pronounced (a famous one being Kumbhakarna's twist of tongue requesting "nidhra dehi" instead of "vidhya dehi" - after rigorous tapasya/penance, him thus sleeping for 6 months of each year).

The intention of this post though, is the chain of thoughts set off in me, after reading that inscription on the bike. Imagine that we are Gods, you and I. What we voice influences events and makes them occur. That extends to even our thoughts, not only words that come out of our mouth.

What happens then? What do I say and what does it result in?
"This is too difficult" - I actually find it difficult.
"Nopes, I can't reach office in time today" - I actually end up late.
"This race is just too long" - I drop out of the race.
"I don't like you" - I actually feel animosity towards you.
"$%^# YOU!!!" - I see only the wasted effort.
"I won't accept what you say" - I don't accept whatever is said.
"You can't help me in what I'm dealing with" - I get no help from you.

Gentle reader of this blog, the above is hypothetical. I'm sure you have thought even further through each sentence, so explaining is redundant.

Call it self-fulfilling prophecy, power of negative thought, or a thesis in the psyche of despondent people. But the end result is the same, and we have all found ourselves in the situations described above.

We have indulged in the opposite as well, regardless of someone calling it arrogance or over-confidence - and found our confidence well placed and working out alright in the end.

Replace the above negatively-phrased quotes in a manner that is consistent with your status as a God - the hows and whats are best known to you. Voice a sentence out loud, then imagine your own overwhelming divinity giving that sentence the power of fulfillment.

You might notice you then want to give a thought about how you phrase your sentences, and what you think. You are a God.

So Be It - Tathaastu!

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