Sunday, August 29, 2004

Too verbose? don't complain

Does seeing my blog give you the feeling that I am very verbose? And that I seem to construct very long sentences? (therefore difficult to read in a simple manner)
Well, this is a personal blog and I am entitled to being self-ingulgent. :P

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


At first glance, the titling of this page may sound like a misnomer - there seems to be very little concerning linux here - but then, all is subsumed in the battle-field of the corporate real-world. As much as I'd like to convince organisations to use Linux-based solutions, the fact is that a consultant who attempts to change the "status-quo" isn't considered good. But we'll still keep coming across people who want their offices to see the beauty of linux, and businesses that have realized what's good for them - and I can help 'em. If any of you have realized the truth as well, you're welcome to comment or e-mail me.

finally I feel liberated

Hiya all, :-)

Well, I had abandoned all updating of my Windows Install material. The reasons were many - no new Service Packs from Microsoft, the existing CDs were pretty stable, I was testing WinXP's SP2, I'd to spend 2 weeks supporting a client who had only recently decided to upgrade his Microsoft-based server infrastructure, and so on........

Well, I'm done with all that now, and the excitement of WinXP SP2 has died down as far as I'm concerned - its really funny that everybody (and the media) is poking holes at it only now after it got released. It was supposed to be tested for compatibility with your apps and network long ago - from December, and those who didn't do their homework will suffer during the SP2 roll-out now. Anyways, MS has done the best they could to balance features with security/stability. I'm now moving officially to XPSP2 - I dumped all apps which had a problem with it, and either upgraded or used a competing offering.

Its gonna take me 4 days to be done with a new build of my customized WinXP CD (win2k/2k3 are still exactly where they are, LOL) - and then, we go ahead onwards to code a game level. That's quite a "free-bird" thingy - not nearly as much pressure as before. Cool! Let's see what happens.

I'm back....

Hey all.
I was off from here after having made my first post. Its been 3 months since then, and I even forgot that I'd made this blogging account here. Well I'm back now, and hopefully will be posting everyday. (regularly) Around 18:30 hours, GMT everyday should see a new update, on the happenings here. Let's see how many people hook onto my blog. :)