Monday, September 06, 2004

Check out my forums

Latest and hot news today is:
Check out my forums. Tried different hosts, found IPB's own hosting the best - and in any case, if I need any more disk-space it can be bought from them. Been fiddling with various forum software since 2 months, and registered at some free hosting services, and some paid forum-ing sites as well. I finally decided on the above.

Ha ha, you'd find some other forums that I setup on the way, before deciding on this one. Just register there and PM me if you need to contact me. Been testing this forum since some days. And I feel, it has now reached the stage that it can be announced to my readers. Its come out of beta, duh..

Deployment Central

And its not intended to rival the great forums - just gonna be a place to amuse myself and probably render some useful tips and ideas. Do register there if it appeals to you.