Saturday, November 02, 2013

ACT Broadband: 10-25 Mbps is not realistic in offered speeds

The making of an elaborate April Fool's:

1. Host a speedtest server in Bangalore.

2. Provide "high speed" internet connections to people.

3. Wait till they inevitably "benchmark" it with SpeedTest and smile. Obviously you have a SpeedTest server very close by and so will intercept their attempts to benchmark. You can thus show them only the speed from yourself to the customer.

4. Let the customer wrack their head as to why they don't get full speed to rest of the internet, because they are "sure" their speed is what it is claimed to be.

5. In the meantime, charge as high as other ISPs who offer connections more in line with actual speeds. Tack on miserable FUP limits and poor post-FUP speeds.

6. Make sure your spending on operations is minimal and that support is almost absent. Direct all your efforts through clever sales and disingenuous marketing.

7. Ta.... daaaa.... ! Call yourself ACT broadband.

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